Prince Cave Escape

Posted by admin on September - 1 - 2013


Yes, anything is possible! Play this awesome MULTIPLAYER running game – Prince Cave Escape!

Your mission: Prince Ethan is in trouble throughout his quest as he runs to avoid being caught by the Evil Witch Sercy . He was raised and trained as a brave and courageous warrior with a mighty ambition to help his people prosper. Unfortunately, Prince Ethan has been cursed to be paranoid and fearful by the Evil Witch. You must guide him through the horrifying cave to build up his confidence and regain his courage.

In this quest, avoid the highly dangerous obstacles in the cave. He needs to collect Red Energy balls which will bring back his courage and energy. Run and jump but avoid obstacles like the deadly blood spikes and molten lave stones.

A super addictive and mesmerizing game! Download this PRO game and enjoy playing with your family and friends now!

Graphic details are highlighted in retina displays.

** For the best uninterrupted no NO Ads experience of this game, buy the PRO version. It’s only $.99.

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